Big Teeth // Work-in-Progress

Big Teeth Performance Collective

Big Teeth is a collective of performers who vision and create through physical inquiry and a wide, kaleidoscopic queer lens. Our experiences as birth workers, farmers, anthropologists, and public health researchers reverberate throughout our work as acrobats, thespians, dancers, and choreographers. Our collaborations are athletic, conceptual, feminist, concrete, interrogative, and bursting with desire. Talk to us! We’ve been dying to talk to you.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Ordinary Creatures

This is a project about monsters: the kind that grow out of the ground, the cuddly kind, the ones who wear lipstick, hide in the cellar, who aren’t sorry, the ones you won’t admit to. Our monsters live in the dirt, cross borders and centuries, wait at the threshold, glitter with unboxable facets, are freakish and loving, have coffee in the morning, help us pick out what to wear, break every mirror in the house.

This coming Fall 2018, we bring to you an evening length show that emerges from the intersection of poetics and gore, femme fatale and everyday chores, virtuosic human sculpture and every stretch mark we’ve ever earned. Through physical narrative, aerial acrobatics, vibrant ensemble exploration, and more questions than answers, we present a thoroughly satisfying evening on the nature of beauty, the grotesque, and how we are all stitched together.