Why small dangers?


People often ask whether being little bothers us.  Or else folks comment that they didn’t realize how small we are until they’re standing right next to us.

We are not big.

But so ravenous.

We think of smallness, like largeness, as a thing not inherently more valuable than any other thing to be, but bearing magics and particular perspectives.

Like: the magic that comes from getting good at asking for help.

Is it useful to believe ourselves underdogs, invisible, not enough, not capable, that we should be skinnier because we’re small of statures?

We understand smallness in terms simplicity, infinity, sustainability, economies of scale, empire, desire. We know, perhaps like you do, what it means to be underestimated, being read one way and knowing ourselves to be something no one unanticipated.

We study the aspects of our statures that allow up to hold each other up, to fit ourselves into each others’ capacities, to roll with obstacles presented.

Dangers are what we approach in our movement, both physical and conceptual.

A world world riddled with oppression and obstacle offers the opportunity to find joy and even pleasure in learning resilience through practices of agility, strength, cooperation, and grace.

We understand harm reduction as a model for both healing and performance. We choose acrobatics, aerial dance, and partnering work not in spite of the dangers they present but because of them: they are a practice we cultivate to explore keeping ourselves safe in an unsafe world.

We invite intersectional, queer, resilient, and multi-disciplinary collaboration and comrades of all persuasions. Drop a line to let us know how we might co-conspire.